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Moth Gallery I

Larger images of the following moths are available by clicking on the images shown.

Hummingbird Clearwing: commonly found in Canada and the Eastern USA; caterpillar is plump, yellowish green, pale stripes on back, yellow and green tailhorn. Feeds on hawthorn, related species. Adult has clear areas on both fore- and hindwings, with reddish brown borders around clear areas.

Cizara Hawkmoth: Queensland to NSW, AUSTRALIA. Wingspan 2 to 2-3/4 inches

Lettered Habrosyne: Occurs throughout Canada, southward to Arkansas and Missouri, and westward.

Peach Blossom: Europe, across temperate Asia to Japan.

Arched Hook-Tip: From Canada to South Carolina.

Warren's Hook-Tip: Common in northeast Queensland, in Australia, also can be found in Papua New Guinea.

Cecropia Moth: Widely distributed in forests, arable land, and gardens, from southern Canada through the USA to Mexico.


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