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Country/Region Website Name and Link
Common Butterflies of North America
 by USGS
Alabama Butterflies of Alabama
 by Butterflies and Moths of North America
Alaska Butterflies of Alaska
 by Butterflies and Moths of North America
Arizona Butterflies of Arizona
 by Butterflies and Moths of North America
Arizona - Southeast Butterflies of Southeastern Arizona
 by Bruce Walsh
Arizona - Southeast Moths of Southeastern Arizona
 by Bruce Walsh
Arkansas Butterflies of Arkansas
 by Herschel Raney
Arkansas Butterflies of Arkansas
 by Butterflies and Moths of North America
California Butterflies of California
 by Butterflies and Moths of North America
California - Central Butterflies of Central California
 by Art Shapiro
California - Orange County Butterflies of Orange County, CA
 by Peter J. Bryant
California - San Francisco Bay Butterflies of San Francisco Bay
 by Wildlife of the San Francisco Bay Area
Colorado Butterflies of Colorado
 by Butterflies and Moths of North America
Colorado - Northern Butterflies of the Northern Colorado Front Range
 by Colorado Front Range Butterflies
Connecticut Connecticut Butterflies Atlas Project
Connecticut Butterflies of Connecticut
 by Butterflies and Moths of North America
Connecticut A Checklist of the Butterflies of Connecticut
 by Connecticut Butterfly Association
Delaware Butterflies of Delaware
 by Butterflies and Moths of North America
Delaware Butterflies of Delaware
 by A Bird's Home
District of Columbia Butterflies of District of Columbia
 by Butterflies and Moths of North America
District of Columbia Butterflies Occuring in the DC Area
 by Richard H. Smith
Florida Butterflies of Florida
 by Butterflies and Moths of North America
Florida The Florida Butterfly Database
Florida Florida Butterflies
 by Florida Museum of Natural History
Georgia Moths and Butterflies of Georgia and Southeastern US
 by James K. Adams
Hawaii Butterflies of Hawaii
 by Mr. Takashi Kumon
Illinois Database of Illinois Lepidoptera
Iowa Iowa State Entomology - Butterflies and Moths
Kansas Butterfly and Moth Index
 by Jacalyn Loyd Goetz
Maryland Common Butterflies and Their Larval Foods: Baltimore-Washington Area
Maryland Butterflies - a Photo Gallery
 by Arlene Ripley
Michigan Michigan Lepidoptera Survey
New Mexico Butterfly and Moth - The Southwest
 by Victoria Oldham
New York City and North Jersey The Mulberry Wing Online
North Carolina Butterflies Found in North Carolina
 by Randy Emmitt
North Carolina Butterflies of North Carolina
 by Randy L. Emmitt
Northeast Butterflies of Northeastern North America
 by Bill Oehlke
Ohio Butterflies of Washington County (OH)
 by Tom Moreno
Southeast Furman University Lepidoptera Collection
 by John Snyder
Texas Backyard Photographs - Central Texas
Texas Butterflies of Texas
Texas Big E's Digital Photos
 by Eric Isley
Texas Butterflies of the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge
Utah Butterflies of Utah
 by Alan Myrup
Wyoming Butterflies of the Laramie Mountains, Wyoming
 by Richard L. Hardesty & Dennis R. Groothuis, MD

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